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Papercraft Experiments

Samir wearing an origami samurai hat - PapernauticThere’s a bookshop I visit where I often lose myself among the serpentine aisles, unending shelves, counters and information desks. At one such counter, often un-manned, deep inside the store, there is an origami unicorn standing casually on a computer tower. A member of the staff likely made it to add a personal touch to their favourite desk. A simple thing, but in that vast cavern of millions of silent voices, few speak to me louder than that little unicorn.

Something folded from paper has that potential, to be a silent scream, a thing that begs for attention in stoic silence. We see a piece of origami or paper craft in our otherwise serious world and it catches our attention, a bit of calm playfulness in a life often gone grey with routine. A memory of childhoods spent in inventing things.

[pullquote-right]… a space to make me think, to encourage some to learn, to help you smile.[/pullquote-right]When I was a kid, I was hooked on paper the moment my Dad got me an origami booklet with colored marble-paper squares in the back. He also showed me how to fold the classic origami crane till I could do it from memory, and there was no looking back. Throughout my childhood and teens I dabbled, making paper models for people’s birthdays, greeting cards with pop-up things, and cardboard wonders. It was my love of paper that very likely made me a designer in time

With age sometimes comes a forgetfulness of what truly excited us about life, and more recently I found myself not turning to folding birds out of tissue when I was sitting bored with nothing to do in sterile places. It was a pleasure I had often indulged in, leaving my tiny creatures on waiting room tables for the next curious soul to discover and smile at. So perhaps it is time to explore and invent again.

This site is my way of getting back to what I truly love, and passing on some of that love as best possible, a space to make me think, to encourage some to learn, to help you smile. Sometimes, a silent scream can be the loudest, not to mention most amusing.

Step over the crease. You know you want to.