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How To Make An Easy Origami Trapezoid Box

Origami boxes can actually be quite useful as gift boxes packaging or even as convenient things to organize your work desk, and throw random desk-debris into.

This trapezoid origami box with its stylish sloping sides is one I have remembered and used often down the years. It’s easy to make and quite impressive to look at.

Origami Trapezoid Box Instructions

Step 1

With the square paper color-side up, fold it in half vertically and horizontally.

Unfold to create these two creases.

Step 2

Flip the paper over and now fold along both diagonals of the square

Unfold flat.

Step 3

The creases you just created allow the model to collapse down to this four-lobe diamond shape.

Step 4

Place it flat and lift the bottom corner, and fold it up to the top corner of the diamond.

Step 5

Unfold it and now fold the bottom corner up to the horizontal crease we just created in the last step.

Step 6

Fold up along the horizontal crease again to create this trapezoid

Now flip the model over and repeat those steps on the other side.

Step 7

Lift the model and look at the four lobes of it. Fold in the sides with the trapezoid colored shapes so that the white and unfolded alternative sides of the model are flat to work on.

Step 8

Fold one of the bottom edges of the diamond towards the vertical central line.

Repeat on the other side to make it symmetrical.

Step 9

Now flip the model over to repeat this on the other side.

Step 10

Fold the bottom point up to the top point.

Now fold the point up, under and downwards, tuck it into the pocket of
paper formed by the trapezoid shape at the base. Make sure it is tucked and folded tightly with no give.

Flip it over and repeat on the other side.

Step 11

Also fold down the white triangle on top downwards towards its base and unfold to create a crease that will help with the next step.

Step 12

Now open up the lobes of the model. Insert your thumbs into the colored pocket on the trapezoid side of it and start spreading it open.

Step 13

The white area will need to unfold flat to form the base of the box.

The edges of the base need to be cleaned up into straight creases.

Step 14

Adjust the corners so that they’re sharp and clean, and your trapezoid origami box is ready to use.

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